Your environment has a huge effect on your productivity.


Your environment has a huge effect on your productivity.

Your Environment

Your environment has a huge effect on your productivity.

Things like noise, lighting, and temperature can affect your motivation to do things even if you don’t think it does. It’s different for everybody, so you have to find that factor that really affects your productivity.

For me, it’s the temperature. I like to work at 21 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. That’s 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit to 77 degree Fahrenheit for our Americans friends out there. If you work at home or you don’t have anything to control the temperature with, get a fan and make sure that it’s at a comfortable level.

When it comes to the noise, I prefer to work at maximum silence. Some people swear on working while blasting music on the background. That drives me crazy! But hey, everyone’s different and that method may work for you so give it a try. You can also use noise-canceling headphones and play classical music or white noise. I found the white noise method to work well for me whenever I’m doing administrative tasks.

For creative tasks like writing or coming up with ideas, I use an earplug to block outside noise.

For lighting, there’s no specific light source recommended to use. As long as you can see your keyboard when working, then you’ll be just fine and it won’t really have any effect on your productivity.

Action Guide:

1 – It’s easy to go crazy about these things and really optimized your environment for more productivity. However, the advice I will give you is to make it as simple as possible. Just do one of the things I mentioned and see if it’ll work for you. Don’t do them all at once! You’ll waste your time trying to come up with the perfect solution and you’ll just end up pissed at yourself for wasting energy, on things you shouldn’t really spending so much time on. I’m not saying these things aren’t important, they are (that’s why I wrote them), but don’t over-optimized your way to better productivity. Just do one thing at a time and then add the next thing once you adequately implemented the first idea.

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