X-Ray Photograph Sequence Displays On a regular basis Items in an Fantastic, Distinctive Method


Andrei Duman X-ray project
© Andrei Duman

Trade photographer Andrei Duman has been chipping away at his X-ray series for about a 12 months now. When now not doing art work for patrons, Duman likes to experiment with non-public duties and this one targets to blow their own horns the products other people use in daily life in a modern, new way and show what’s beneath their “pores and pores and skin.”

The Motivation In the back of the X-ray Challenge

“I was desirous about one of the best ways the inner mechanical arrangements, the wiring, and contraptions you most often do not see showed up when exposed to X-rays,” Duman tells PetaPixel.

Andrei Duman X-ray project
Sigma Lens | © Andrei Duman

One of the crucial further time-consuming parts of the mission has been deciding on the most efficient products to divulge to X-rays. Duman has photographed LEGO, on-line sport consoles and controllers, elementary era products like drones and headphones, relatively a large number of Apple products, and further.

Finding the Right kind Items is Tricky

“The process of opting for the right kind items and finding them was once as soon as slightly time-consuming,” Duman says. For example, it took him a long time to hunt out the entire different iPhone models, as a couple of of them in this day and age are slightly old-fashioned, and other people don’t frequently keep them after a few years.

Andrei Duman X-ray project
Apple iPhone Grid | © Andrei Duman

Duman must ensure that the X-ray mission isn’t just a random choice of items on the other hand reasonably that there’s a building to the problems he photographs. It was once as soon as the most important to hunt out different pieces that folks frequently use, even though they’re now not necessarily “regularly” pieces like smartphones and pc techniques. For example, Duman photographed {an electrical} keytar, a cassette, various television remotes, many various kids’s toys, his foot inside of a sneaker, and much more. The variability of subjects is unbelievable.

Andrei Duman X-ray project
Remotes | © Andrei Duman

Overcoming Good Stumbling blocks

The only creative limit is Duman’s imagination. On the other hand, there are smart limits he will have to overcome. The tablet he uses to clutch X-ray footage is spherical 64 x 64 cm (25 x 25 inches), so there are size restrictions. Further, it’s now not imaginable to point of interest stack the X-ray footage.

“Imagine me, I asked,” Duman tells PetaPixel.

Andrei Duman X-ray project
© Andrei Duman

The advent of human portions to the series is a somewhat fresh addition. The human factor is an excellent addition, on the other hand PetaPixel asked Duman about any coverage risks. “The software has a few settings for quite a lot of body areas, paying homage to skull, shoulder, hand, femur, clavicle, foot, and lots of others., and the ones all produce other amounts of radiation that get generated when the X-ray image is taken.”

Andrei Duman X-ray project
Hands on MacBook Skilled | © Andrei Duman

Andrei Duman X-ray project

It took Duman some time to dial in the right kind settings for quite a lot of pieces. After all, the system’s “foot” environment delivered one of the vital consistent results. While point of interest stacking wasn’t imaginable, Duman has used compositing in “a few instances” when items combine thin plastic and heavy electronics. The ones once in a while required X-ray captures at different intensities, that have been then composited all the way through post-processing.

Andrei Duman X-ray project
Electric Keytar | © Andrei Duman

Andrei Duman X-ray project

Image Processing

Duman uses Grab One to perform minor edits and international adjustments and Adobe Photoshop to make use of the finishing touches. “For one of the vital segment, post-processing was once as soon as somewhat simple, with highest small adjustments sought after. Necessarily essentially the most time-consuming side was once as soon as protective the items and changing the background to black.”

Andrei Duman X-ray project
R2-D2 | © Andrei Duman

On the other hand, some items had been higher than the tablet and required a few pictures of quite a lot of sections that needed to be stitched together. Duman says that the ones had been one of the vital problematic and tough pictures.

Andrei Duman X-ray project
LEGO Orchestra | © Andrei Duman

“This was once in particular problematic as soon as we now have been doing LEGO that sought after a few footage. On account of one of the best ways the individual bricks show through when stacked, it’s going to be just about impossible to line up the sections as it should be,” Duman explains.

On the other hand, the LEGO pictures had been well for sure definitely worth the effort. “The viewpoint of one of the best ways the X-ray shoots in an instant down signifies that the bricks have a just about ‘in motion’ actually really feel to them, they generally fall transparent of the viewer in a few directions. I cherished the have an effect on of that because it feels dynamic,” Duman tells PetaPixel.

Duman’s Favorites

PetaPixel asked Duman if he has a particular favorite X-ray image.

“I actually like all of the series for quite a lot of reasons. The Apple products are crowd pleasing to seem what’s on the inside of, which is the same for the entire other tech ones. I was to seem problems we use daily and most often take without any consideration. I wanted to look internally on the other hand differently. How many people have regarded as their Roomba’s inner wiring and mechanics?”

Andrei Duman X-ray project
Recreation Boy Advance: Feb 14, 2003 | © Andrei Duman

The net sport consoles had been a fun technique to take at the familiar in an unfamiliar way and connect to relatively a large number of target market. On the other hand, some old-fashioned consoles have showed tough to hunt out, along with the ColecoVision, Commodore 64, and Sega Pico, to name a few. If any PetaPixel readers have antique game consoles, along with the ones listed, and want to let Duman borrow them for X-ray footage, they’ll must contact him.

Andrei Duman X-ray project
Nintendo 64: June 23, 1996 | © Andrei Duman

The Spirit of Cooperation

While Duman has required help to track down a large number of items for his series, he’s moreover worked with fellow artists. For example, he worked with supremely talented and renowned sculpture artist Nathan Sawaya to X-ray Sawaya’s Yellow LEGO sculpture.

Andrei Duman X-ray project
Nathan Sawaya Yellow | © Andrei Duman

Sawaya graciously allowed Duman to take the original assemble, which has been toured world, and X-ray it. Because of the sculpture’s size, he sought after a few footage, and it was once as soon as the one most difficult and time-consuming image in Duman’s X-ray series.

Andrei Duman X-ray project
© Andrei Duman

Andrei Duman X-ray project

Additional from Andrei Duman

Additional of Andrei Duman’s X-ray footage are available on his internet web page, along with the rest of his business and personal photographs art work. He may also be came upon on Instagram.

Duman’s business art work is terribly technical and component oriented, and that applies to his non-public duties as well. Remaining 12 months, Duman wrote on PetaPixel about his incredible macro bug photos.

Image credit score: All footage courtesy of Andrei Duman

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