TO DO Report for Habitual Wedding ceremony rite


FIRST THINGS (9-18 months)

Wichita Falls Wedding ceremony rite Photographs

?????? wedding ceremony rite folder

Calculate price range

Make a wish an expansion wedding ceremony rite date

Much less formal: ???????? wedding ceremony rite party

Gather one’s thoughts one’s ideas customer tick list

Make a wish an expansion venue (ceremony & reception)

E guide officiant

  NEXT (6-8 months)

Institute for photographer

Acquire dress for dinner & footwear

Check in for gifts

Acquire invitations

Plan honeymoon

Select fastidiously a tie bridesmaids’ garments

Meet with officiant/plan ceremony

E guide florist

E guide observe consultation dinner venue

Order cake

Have got were given dress for dinner turning into

Agenda day of hair & makeup

Make a wish an expansion music

GETTING CLOSE (1-3 months)

Reserve tuxedos

Acquire rings

Send invitations

Get marriage license (3-90 days previous to ceremony)

Acquire attendants’ and helpers’ gifts


Examine with florist, baker, photographer

Examine honeymoon reservations

???????? ???? dress for dinner

Take a look at local weather if out of doors ceremony

Assign any person to pack gifts, cake top, go shopping again tuxes after reception

Pack for honeymoon


Send thank you notes





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