The Power of Vocal Tonality


The Power of Vocal Tonality

The Power of Vocal Tonality

Your vocal tone is part of the story.

It is part of the conversation.

Imagine talking to someone about Disneyland and they talk like someone who’s like a person whose dog recently died. That would be a depressing conversation.

Vocal tonality is about the speed and the sound of your voice.

Is it slow and loud? Is it fast and quiet?

These affects how people listen to you.

If you want to make a point and you want people to listen to every word you say, then you must speak softly and speak a little slower than usual.

For example, let’s say you are trying to make a point about the importance of vaccination. Then you’ll say something like this:

“The most important thing is that you should bring your kids to the doctor within 1 week of birth”

Here’s how this would play out:

“The most important thing is” – You speak on a normal pace.

“that you should bring your kids to the doctor within 1 week of birth” – You speak slower and softer (so people will listen attentively)

Vocal tonality affects how other people listen to you. And as you know, when people listen, they are more likely to be influenced by you.

Action Guide:

Practice conversations in front of the mirror. Don’t be afraid to look and sound stupid. You are not recording so nobody is going to watch or listen to it. But hey, if you want to record and see your progress, by all means, record away.

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