The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut is Signed


1639 – The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut is Signed

 The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut is Signed

From the 1620s well into the 1640s, the colonies in America underwent rapid expansion, both in size and number. Inevitably, disagreements over governance and culture took place between the colonists. For those whose views were dismissed, settling elsewhere seemed an ideal solution. However, as these new, unplanned settlements arose, the governance of these colonies resulted in dispute.

In 1639, a group of representatives from the new settlements near Connecticut convened a meeting to establish a legal code and system of government. The representatives created a document known as the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, which laid the basis for governing the new settlements. The Fundamental Orders was based on many of the ideas that would later make their way into the Constitution of the United States—ideas such as self-government via elections conducted by secret ballot. Many historians view the Fundamental Orders as the first written constitution in America, and it had the same spirit of independence as the Constitution written 150 years later.


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