Take Out the Trash


Take Out the Trash

Take Out the Trash

No, I don’t mean the literal trash.

What are the trash hiding in your closet?

What I mean are the nagging personal issues you haven’t taken care of. Maybe a tax bill, a ticket, or credit card bills that needs to be paid soon.

You can choose to ignore them but they won’t go away. In fact, these little baby dragons of a problem may manifest into something bigger and bite you in the behind later. That tax bill can turn into a case against you in 6 months. That ticket may turn into jail time. Those credit card bills may turn into hundreds of thousands if you don’t pay attention to it now.

Trust me, it’ll be much better dealing with it now while these nagging problems are still at the beginning stages. Leave them be and they might make your life a living hell in the future. Sure, it’s nice to just “forget about it.” But that won’t solve the problem, it’ll only make things worse.

It’s in your best interest to take out the trash now. Your future self will thank you for it.

Action Guide:

1 – What are the trash hiding in your closet? What are the consequences of keeping them in your room? Is it worth the future pain? Probably not. So make a list of “trash” you should take out and deal with it immediately.








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