Take Notes


Take Notes

Take Notes

Take notes when you get home

Take note of lessons

OK, I don’t mean take notes while you’re having the conversation. Take notes when you get home. What are the things that you did right in that last conversation? What are the things that you could’ve said or done better?

Take note of those lessons so you can be a better conversationalist.

When you’re taking notes, always keep an open mind and don’t kick yourself for making a mistake. This is not the time to doubt yourself. This is the time to learn how to use your experience and turn it into a lesson you can implement later.

In addition, taking notes isn’t just about learning about you. It’s also for learning about the other person. What do they want? What topics did they keep coming back to? Why are they talking to you in the first place?

Knowing the other party means you’ll get to serve them more.

Action Guide:

1 – Buy a notebook and use it as your “conversation notes.”

Start with your last conversation. What are the lessons you learned from that conversation? What are the things you did well and the things that you could have done better? Write them all down and review those notes at least once a week for the next 30 days.



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