Ruben Ilagan (Ruben de Leon Ilagan)…


Ruben Ilagan (Ruben de Leon Ilagan)…

Ilagan, Ruben

Ruben Ilagan (Ruben de Leon Ilagan)…

Ruben Ilagan (Ruben de Leon Ilagan), also known as Ruben de Leon, is a radio-television producer, director, actor, and commentator. He was born in Shanghai on 20 August 1933. He is the son of Conrado Ilagan, aka Conrado Conde, character actor and band leader, and Anna de Leon. On the Ilagan side are several generations of writers and performing artists who adopted different names, beginning with Hermogenes Ilagan, tenor, actor, and playwright, who earned the title “Father of Tagalog Sarsuwela,” himself a descendant of poet laureate Francisco Balagtas; Marceliano Ilagan, lead actor in the first Philippine movie produced in the Philippines in 1919, Dalagang Bukid (Country Maiden), based on a sarsuwela written by Hermogenes; movie director Gerardo “Gerry” de Leon, National Artist for film; pianist-composer Tito Arevalo; comedian Eddie Nagali (Ilagan in reverse); and actors Fely Vallejo, Laling Talti, Angel Esmeralda, Juliet Ilagan, Robert Arevalo, Liberty Ilagan, Jay Ilagan, and Janno Gibbs. He was married to Cristina Santiago Tolentino, also known as Tina Loy, radio soap opera, TV, and film actor, singer, radio variety show producer and host, drama coach, and program director, with whom he had five children. He attended Moises Salvador Elementary School, Arellano University High School, and Centro Escolar University until 1951.


Upon leaving school he began acting in radio dramas in the early 1950s on Republic Broadcasting System’s DZBB, Manila Broadcasting Company’s DZRH, and ABS-CBN’s DZXL, voicing characters in the soaps Imelda, Patibong (Trap), Camay Theater of the Air, Ito ang Maynila (This Is Manila), Mga Patak ng Luha (Teardrops), Salamat sa Buhay (Thanks to Life), Ito ang Katotohanan (This Is the Truth), and Kasaysayan ng Pag-ibig (History of Love). Moving beyond acting, he directed Ito ang Katotohanan, Kasaysayan ng Pag-ibig, and The Liberty Milk Show. In the 1970s, Ilagan directed television programs, including the GMA Channel 7 sitcom Baltic & Co., which was based on the serialized comic strip created by cartoonist Roni Santiago for the Manila Bulletin.


Ilagan also served as commentator on DZBB and Channel 7, 1955-72, and Bureau of Broadcast’s DZFM and DZRM, 1978-86; newscaster on Channel 7, 1972-73, and National Media Production Center’s Channel 4, 1973-75; and television producer on Channel 7 and Inter-island Broadcasting Corporation’s Channel 13, l973-75. He was a member of the board of directors of Radio Philippines Network’s Channel 9, 2001-10.


Among the citations he received for his work was a 1976 Philippine Academy of Television Arts and Sciences nomination as Best Director for a TV Comedy Series for Baltic & Co.


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