Nightly Preparation


Nightly Preparation

I prepare the tasks that I need to finish on the next day.

Nightly Preparation

Every day, I come to work ready to implement my plans from the day before. This makes getting started easier. This makes me less likely to wander off before I actually do something.

Every night, I prepare the tasks that I need to finish on the next day. If I have a writing session, I would open the Google Drive where my outline is and I would open Microsoft Word for the actual writing. In addition, I would close off tabs that doesn’t relate to the act of writing. That means no Facebook, no YouTube, no sports articles… just my outline and my word file.

I would also put a bottle of water beside my laptop the night before. In addition, I’ll also set up my Pomodoro timer clock on the right side of my desk. Now I have everything I need to write. No more distractions and all the tools are already there.

This gives me the best chance of actually getting started.

Try it, it somehow forces your brain to be on “action mode” instead of mindlessly wandering off the internet’s black hole.

Action Guide:

1 – Prepare the tools that you need for tomorrow’s task. Anything that you don’t need shouldn’t be on your desk. No phones, no pencils, no cellphone chargers, none of anything you don’t absolutely need.

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