Mike Pedero (Joselito Navarro Pedero)


Mike Pedero (Joselito Navarro Pedero)

Pedero, Mike

Mike Pedero (Joselito Navarro Pedero)

Mike Pedero (Joselito Navarro Pedero) is an acoustic designer, broadcast manager, producer, music composer, disc jockey, and teacher. He was born in San Fabian, Pangasinan on 8 March 1950. Pedero is one among four children of Prudencio T. Pedero and Leonidas F. Navarro, both from San Fabian, Pangasinan. His brothers Dero (aka Nonong Pedero) and Hector are composers; Hector is also a musical scorer and once was a member of the band Music and Magic of Kuh Ledesma. He has three children with wife Linda Rose Lagdameo, all of whom are musically and artistically inclined. Pedero obtained a bachelor of arts in economics from the University of the Philippines (UP) Manila, 1974, and a master of arts in communication from UP Diliman, 2008. He lectures in the UP Department of Broadcast Communication and has also been a professorial lecturer in sound design and other broadcast courses at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and Assumption College. He had audio and acoustics training under the famed Synergetic Audio Concepts and in recording technology and full-length feature sound production and design in the United States, Hong Kong, and Singapore, 2008-10. At present, Pedero is vice president, director, and part-owner of Progressive Broadcasting Corporation, which owns and operates masa (general interest) format station WIN 107.5 FM (the defunct NU 107) and UHF TV station UNTV. He also serves as president of TRACKSCorporation, a company that operates professional recording studios and does acoustic design and construction for high-end and high-precision acoustic spaces.


Pedero’s first venture into broadcasting was as a disc jockey on DZUW-AM, 1967-69. His early career as station manager and program director was in radio stations on the AM band, such as DZUW-AM, 1969-70; DZBM-AM, 1970-71; and DZTR-AM, 1971-77. He propelled to success and popularity a number of FM radio stations. Beginning in the late 1970s, he experimented on niche programming or format radio on FM stations. He served as station manager and program director of DWRT aka 99.5 RT, 1977-83. It carried a contemporary hit radio or CHR format. With DWRT trailblazing the trend, a number of other format-oriented radio stations soon followed suit and eventually made a mark in Philippine FM radio history. From 1983 to 1986, he was program and management consultant for DWRK aka RK 96, which had a light rock format, and FM and DWKY aka KY 91.5, which played classic rock hits. In 1986-91, he served as the director and station manager of another successful and important FM radio station, DWCT aka CitiLite 88.3, a smooth jazz station, which took on an adult contemporary or AC format. Other FM radio stations that he managed included the highly popular DWNU aka NU 107, a rock format station, from 1987 until going off the air on 8 November 2010, and XFM 92.3, a chill format station, from 2008 to 2010. He also did on-air work for some of these stations.


As musician and composer, he composed the advertising jingle for San Miguel Beer’s “Isang Platitong Mani,” Seiko Wallet, and YC Bikini Briefs, which are now considered classics in its genre. He also wrote the jingles for TV station IBC 13 and major commodity and luxury items. He was the musical director of iconic children’s programs Batibot (Small but Strong), 1984, a franchise of the American television show Sesame Street. A famous song that he composed and produced in the late 1970s was “Mahal Kong Love Bus” (The Love Bus That I Love).


As acoustic consultant and designer, he has spearheaded the construction and completion of professional recording studios, cinemas, theaters, hotels, auditoriums, broadcast studios, and houses of worship. These studios include those of ABS-CBN, TV5GMA Network, Far East Broadcasting Corporation, Roadrunner Productions, LVN Studios, AdFarm Productions, Shangri-La Hotel, Security Bank Auditorium, Couples for Christ Center, United Bethel Church Manila, and the Union Church of Manila. His TRACKStudios is a favorite recording facility of artists, such as BambooRivermaya, Rico Blanco, EraserheadsFreddie Aguilar, Cynthia Alexander, and Mayonnaise.


Pedero is a voting member of professional organizations in New York, such as the Acoustical Society of America, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, and the Audio Engineering Society; and in the Philippines, such as the Audio-Engineering Society of the Philippines, the Institute of Audio and Acoustics, and InfoComm International.


The San Miguel Beer commercial Isang Platitong Mani (A Saucer of Peanuts), 1984, the jingle of which was composed by Pedero, was awarded the Pilak Award for one of the best 25 advertising campaigns in the past 25 years given by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of the Philippines in 2002.


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