Why are we created with two ears and one mouth?

Maybe because we are born to listen more than we speak!

In my conversations, I make sure that I speak at least only 40% of the time. Listening is the gateway to understanding someone. If you’re only half-listening and thinking about other things while he’s saying something, then you wouldn’t fully understand his side.

Listening is a skill that I feel like has lost its appeal today. Everybody wants to be the influencer. We are in a world full of people who won’t stop talking.

With that said, now is the perfect time to be a good listener. The world needs someone who can speak less and listen more. Someone who will understand our pains, our problems, and our desires.

When you start to listen more, you’ll notice that people will easily trust you more, and give you details about their life that they won’t reveal to other people.

The key to having better listening skills is not a hearing aid. It’s your ability to focus and be genuinely interested in what they have to say.

Action Guide:

1 – On your next conversation, do not think about what you have to say to the person. Do not try to impress her with what you know. Just listen and try to understand how they feel about the topics you guys are discussing. Not missing any details about what they’re discussing means you’ll understand them more, thus making you someone who can relate to them on a deeper level.

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