Killing Online Distractions


Killing Online Distractions

Distractions are everywhere!

Biggest distraction that we have is online

Killing Online Distractions

Distractions are everywhere! Today, the biggest distraction that we have is online. Things like e-mail, Facebook, YouTube, and even Desktop applications ringing with notifications.

If possible, disconnect the internet while working. This idea may be impossible to some, but what you can do is to schedule your distraction time instead.

What I do is I set a schedule for mindless tasks like browsing Facebook, watching YouTube and doing other stuff that doesn’t really help my productivity. By doing this, I effectively lessen my distractions while working. Now, I only have to fight the urge to get off my current task to browse crap online every once in a while (unlike before when I’m literally distracted every 5 minutes).

Action Guide:

1 – Schedule your “distraction time.” Heck, add it to your to-do list if you must. For example, your to-do list could look like this.

8am-9am – work

9am – 9:10am – YouTube a.k.a. stupid stuff

9:10-10am – work ….

Sure, you’re still technically not being productive by watching YouTube. But I would rather have 2 hours of productive time than be distracted by the thought of watching YouTube all day long.

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