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Kevin McCarthy's Speaker Fight

Kevin McCarthy’s Speaker Fight

Members of both parties appear to have adopted a mindset that once they get elected they are to rule over us. The reason why our people accept this un-American dynamic is because of the Democrats’ domination of government and education. They have trained generations to reject a government “of by and for the people”, that’s the hypocrisy and the evil. The actions of leadership and many of the rank and file in both parties have created generations of uneducated and ill-informed Americans, then they say it is they who must dictate because our people aren’t educated enough to make the right decisions.

Washington’s business as usual will destroy us all; that’s the reality check we dispense in today’s preamble.

Kevin McCarthy is now the speaker of the house but on the 14th failed vote for speaker congressman, Mike Rogers of Alabama had to be physically restrained from attacking Matt Gaetz. Now I can’t recall any Republican getting half as passionate toward Democrats, the same Democrats who have been harming American citizens virtually unopposed for over two years now.

Establishment Republicans called their conservative colleagues the “Taliban 20,” “terrorists enemies,” and “hostage takers,” yet these same Republicans had no such coarse descriptors for the wretched 18 senators who betrayed every House member and every one of their constituents by voting to fully fund among other destructive policies, woke anti-American programs, 87,000 goose-stepping armed IRS agents, and prohibiting the use of taxpayer dollars to stop the ravages of Joe Biden’s illegal immigration crises. If the GOP establishment showed a fraction of the passion they showed against conservatives and instead aimed at the socialist Democrats our lives would be far better than they are today.

Kevin McCarthy's Speaker Fight

Kevin McCarthy’s Speaker Fight

But the vast majority of Republicans don’t do that.  As for me I’d say that the GOP voter they are worth defending from Socialists but the messed up 18 Senate Republicans led by Mitch McConnell and an uncomfortable number of House Republicans like Nebraska’s Don Bacon disagree with our liberty-loving founding fathers.

Here now that Kevin McCarthy is speaker, it’s up to him to make good on the promises that he made to conservatives but some of the aforementioned moderate members may try to scuttle that agreement. Congresswoman Nancy Mace and Texas congressman Tony Gonzalez have signaled they impose the rules package which among other things allows for amendments to be offered to legislation written by selfish and scheming lobbyists and special interests. This would allow your representatives to curtail the negative impacts of swampy legislation designed to steal your money and pad the pockets of congressional cronies.

Another gripe from Mace and Gonzalez is that the Republicans and the Freedom Caucus wanted to restrain spending; the conservatives want to stop the reckless spending binge that Congress has been on for over five years. The Freedom Caucus wanted to freeze the 2024 budget at 2022 levels because they can’t do it for 2023 budget. The reason they couldn’t freeze the budget at 2023 levels is the aforementioned despicable 18 Senate Republicans already voted to skyrocket our national debt in full service to Democrats’ destructive spending priorities.

Kevin McCarthy's Speaker Fight

Kevin McCarthy’s Speaker Fight

The Republican moderates complained that defence spending would also be frozen. Now is that necessarily true? What you folks need to understand is that since Congress has abandoned budgeting and any fiscal sanity; this is how the negotiations go these days. The Democrats want to fund all of their woke anti-American priorities, so they can buy votes. Most Republicans want to protect this country. Democrats say they won’t allow the GOP to protect the country unless the GOP dedicates our tax dollars to destroying the country from within.

Instead of prioritizing the spending, like grown-ups would do, these Socialist members of Congress just agree to spend all the money on everything, which impoverishes future generations of Americans.

To simplify this, let’s say you’d like to put a down payment on a new house, a new pool, and a new car but you only have money to do one.  Now you and I must balance the books and make adult decisions by prioritizing our spending for the benefit of our families. Now we could behave like feckless children like our Congress and put it all on the credit card and then live beyond our means. Thank you, but we can only do that for a limited period of time before we have to pay the piper. What makes anybody think or believe that our government isn’t constrained by those simple mathematical forces?

I enjoyed the speaker fight it was the first bit of transparency we have seen from our government in many years. The GOP was embarrassed but they deserved to be embarrassed. The Democrats gloated but they hardly had room to gloat.

The fact remains that when our government works and we don’t have sellouts like the wretched Senate 18 Republicans. Gridlock takes place it can and that’s a good thing; it’s a protection for the only people who really count, the everyday citizens of this blessed land.

The late justice Antonin Scalia said it quite eloquently.

And you know the Europeans look at the system and they say, ‘well it passes one house, it doesn’t pass the other house, sometimes the other house is in the control of a different party it passes both and then this president, who has a veto power vetoes it,’ and they look at this and they say, ‘oh it is gridlock,’ and I hear Americans saying this nowadays and there’s a lot of it going around. They talk about a dysfunctional government because there’s disagreement. The framers would have said, ‘yes that’s exactly the way we set it up.’ — Antonin Scalia

Why did they set it up this way? When I was a teenager my brother said to me something I will never forget; he said the reason why we send these politicians to Washington is that if they were loose in the private sector they could do some real damage. It was his way of saying it’s best to rope these politicians into a system keeping them fighting each other so they can’t take away our rights and liberties so readily and so they can’t make radical changes that undermine our safety, liberty and prosperity.

We wanted this to be power contradicting power because the main ill that beset us as Hamilton said in The Federalist Papers when he talked about a separate Senate.

Yes, it seems inconvenient but since the main ill that besets us is an excess of legislation it won’t be so bad. – Alexander Hamilton

This is 1787; he didn’t know what an excess of legislation was. So look at all the damage excessive legislation has done today. Look at all the damage the Democrats have unleashed on us in the last four years as the GOP laid down and abandoned their constitutional obligation to oppose the radical changes implemented by the Democrats and the socialists in their party.

Can anyone say they are better off with a radical Democrat party and a weak Republican Party? Unless Americans can appreciate that and learn to love the separation of powers which means learning to love the gridlock, which the framers believed would be the main protection of minorities.

If a bill is about to pass that really comes down hard on some minority they think it’s terribly unfair it doesn’t take much to throw a monkey wrench into this complex system. So Americans should appreciate that and they should learn to love the gridlock. Why? Because when the government is restrained fighting itself, the government leaves us alone. We are freer more prosperous and safe when the politicians are struggling with each other.

The founders knew this. That’s why a government constrained to follow the constitution is a superior government and that’s why what Lindsey Graham, John Thune, John Cornyn, Tom Cotton and the other wretched Senate Republicans who followed Mitch McConnell in that voting for that omnibus garbage; are so dangerous.

The only time we the people should be excited about bipartisanship is when the parties are united in upholding our constitutional rights; now Congress doesn’t do much of that these days.

So we should embrace more efforts by the conservative 20 rebels and other conservatives who will adopt the same lawful and constitutional mechanisms to slow the Biden, Schumer, Jeffries, McConnell agenda down or defeat it altogether.

We should all celebrate and learn to love the gridlock, work to restrain our government, defang those special interest groups and lobbyists and in so doing remain free.

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