Journalist Jordan Bissell fits with felon she covered on Tinder


Journalist Jordan Bissell fits with felon she covered on Tinder

Artwork and play got a bit too proximate for one Australian journalist this week as a felon she simply in recent times covered in courtroom docket tracked her down on a dating app.

Jordan Bissell, from Brisbane’s 7NEWS, on Thursday shared to Twitter that she had simply in recent times lived indubitably one among every more youthful courtroom docket reporter’s worst nightmares.

“Yep, sooner or later once more on Tinder and I’m getting off it,” she tweeted with an alarming symbol.

The picture attached showed a Tinder message from man named Jake that be told: “Jordan I’m stunning certain you reported on my courtroom docket glance”.

Colleagues and other from the media have got been speedy to the touch upon Bissell’s catch 22 situation.

Jodran Bissell Tinder
Jordan Bissell posted the felon’s message on social media.
Jordan Bissell
Jordan Bissell Tinder
Jordan Bissell vowed to leave Tinder after the unfortunate have compatibility.
Twitter / jordan_bissell7

“Give him an opportunity,” fellow 7NEWS reporter Mylee Hogan wrote in jest.

“This is nightmare gas,” Andrew Macfarlane, Australia Correspondent for 1 Knowledge New Zealand said.

Others said it was once a great “conversation starter”.

In line with Bissell, the case didn’t ???? via bus throughout the defendant’s excerpt.

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