Journalist George Chidi shares updates on Young Slime Life RICO case – WABE


Journalist George Chidi shares updates on Young Slime Life RICO case – WABE

On the Thursday edition of “Closer Look,” journalist George Chidi discusses the ongoing investigation surrounding the indictment of rappers Young Thug and Gunna.

Both Jeffery Lamar Williams and Sergio Giavanni Kitchens — known professionally as Young Thug and Gunna, respectively — have been denied bond following their arrests, along with several other suspects accused of RICO law violations and affiliation with Young Slime Life.

The Fulton County district attorney’s office describes YSL as an Atlanta street gang suspected to be responsible for over 50 murders as well as a litany of drug and gun possession charges. 

Williams was arrested in his house along with several other suspects, the majority of whom remain in custody.

According to Chidi, the rise in Atlanta’s violent crime over the past several years has fallen following the indictments of the alleged YSL members. Litigation surrounding the indictments is scheduled for early January.

“I am not unconvinced that a lot of violent crime is gang-related. Frankly, the amount of violent crime that has been happening in the city following this indictment has fallen,” Chidi said. “I think in part because Atlanta street gangs saw what was happening to Jeffery Williams as a cautionary tale. I’m not sure how long that lasts. The factors, the influences that create violent crime in Atlanta are still there and I’m not sure one indictment is enough to change all of the other things that are going on.”

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