Law of Reciprocity

One of the greatest “trick” (if you can call it that) of persuasion and influence is called the Law of Reciprocity. It means that every time someone do something for us, we have this urge or more motivation to do or give something in return.

This is a proven fact; this isn’t even a “probable study” anymore. People are just wired to give something back in return of a favor. It doesn’t matter how big or small the act is.

If a friend gave us a free ride to work, we are more likely to say yes to a request that he’ll ask of us to do in the future.

Obviously, you have to be reasonable. Just because you gave someone a free car ride doesn’t mean he’s going to give you a million dollars. However, small favors and reasonable requests are very likely to be accepted.

A warning though, do not use the law of reciprocity to manipulate other people. If your intention is to give because you want something in return, people will see that you’re a fraud and the law of reciprocity will have a negative effect instead.

Action Guide:

1 – What can you offer that other people will find valuable? Maybe an eBook you wrote? An advice for a friend? A gift card you aren’t using anymore? It doesn’t have to be a material thing. It could be your words of wisdom and it could be your time. All of us each has our own value to offer the world. We just have to look closer and discover what it is.


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