Face Your Fears


Face Your Fears

Face Your Fears

Facing your fears may be nerve-racking.

Face Your Fears

But it has so many benefits that your life will change just by facing each fear with an open mind. So many of us never face our fears because we’re afraid of failures.

We justify it to ourselves by saying “If I never try, I’ll never fail at it,” but the truth is you already failed by not trying in the first place. You already failed because you didn’t become who you are supposed to be.

So how do you face your fears?

You start with your smallest fears. You start with fears that doesn’t have a big impact in your life.

Let’s say one of your fears is talking to a cashier (yes, this condition exists).

Create a plan on how you can approach a cashier without being awkward.

Maybe on your first attempt, you just give your order and then smile a little bit at the cashier. Then you go find another store… this time, you’ll then talk to the cashier (maybe ask for some item), then smile and say thank you.

The point is to make it a process. Make the commitment small enough that you can do it easily.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Action Guide:

1 – What are your fears? Make a list and start facing the smallest one you know you can beat! This will help you get a much needed confidence boost.

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