Encourage Other People


Encourage Other People

Encourage Other People

Most of us are insecure.

We just can’t help it.

Most of us are insecure. We just can’t help it.

Advertising says that we should drive this car, then wear that brand and then own a certain house. But the truth is we don’t really need all these things.

That’s the reason why a lot of us are insecure people with low self-esteem.

You can become someone they can trust by being someone who will encourage them to “go for it.”

It’s nice to be the voice of positivity in a world full of pessimism.

For example, if a friend of yours feel insecure about their average performance this month, simply tell her that she can do better next month for sure! Tell her that she’s capable of so much more, and she just have to focus on her goal of becoming a better employee.

You can also encourage someone by simply supporting whatever it is they want to achieve. Say you have an officemate who wants to learn how to play the guitar. Ask yourself, how can you support him in learning the guitar? You can buy him a guitar (which may seem overdone) or you can just buy him a $5 book about learning how to play the guitar. If you want to become a trusted peer in the office, then you have to support their interests outside of work as well.

The key is to be genuine in helping others. Don’t ask for anything in return and make them feel that you are as invested to their success as they are to themselves.

Action Guide:

1 – Do you know somebody who needs more encouragement in their lives? Go on and make your move. Let them know that you support them and that you like them to “go for it.” Make them realize that what they’re trying to achieve is possible, and that you have no doubt that they can do it.


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