Eliminate Your Ego


Eliminate Your Ego

Eliminate Your Ego

Self-confidence is real.

Ego is destructive.

As I told you in the beginning of this chapter, your ego is different from your self-confidence. Self-confidence is real. Ego is destructive.

Ego is the voice that says you’re better than everybody, even though you’re really not. Ego is the voice that says you can have everything even though your current action doesn’t support that kind of thinking. Ego is the voice that says “f*ck everybody! It’s me against the world.”

Don’t let yourself be consumed by this voice.

It may feel good at first. But it’ll eventually lead you to a crash!

The ego says you’re too good to hang out with your old friends anymore… Develop this kind of thinking and The Universe, God or whatever force you want to call it will bring you back down to the ground.

The ego said “I’m the Best Ever” even though the evidence suggests otherwise.

Let others praise you from what you’ve already done, not what you are yet or about to do.

Action Guide:

1 – Notice when the ego is creeping in. Notice when you feel moral superiority against others.

Stay humble, keep your head down and just do the work. If you’re good, then people will notice. Don’t mistake being the best as the man who shouts the loudest.

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