Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC)


Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC)

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC)

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) is a network of radio, television, cable TV, and web-based news services

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) is a network of radio, television, cable TV, and web-based news services owned and operated by the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) through its key members. Founded on 17 June 1967, it operates from its own building complex on 25 Central Ave, Diliman, Quezon City. On 26 April 1968, its first radio station, DZEC, went on the air at 1062 kHz on the AM band, from its first studio in Delta Building on the corner of Quezon Blvd and West Ave. With Tagalog as its language medium, it had a format of news, public affairs, and music. In 1971, it acquired a second AM station, DZBU. However, it was short-lived. When all media outfits closed by the government upon the declaration of martial law by Pres Ferdinand Marcos reopened, DZBU remained off the air while DZEC resumed broadcast. EBC then moved its studios to Maligaya Building on 882 EDSA, Quezon City. With signals originating from Manila, DZEC’s programs are relayed throughout the country through DWIN 1080 kHz in Dagupan, DZEL 1260 kHz in Lucena, DYFX 1332 kHz in Cebu, and DXED 1224 kHz in Davao, all branded as Radyo Agila (Eagle Radio).


In 1987, with a new Philippine Constitution following the ouster of Marcos in 1986, the government gave EBC a franchise to run a second station, DWDM at 95.5 MHz on the FM band. The station ceased broadcast in 2007 for an equipment upgrade, then returned in 2011 with the brand Pinas FM 95.5. Its format is devoted to original music from Filipino artists and talents. Like DZEC, it streams live online.


In the 1990s, the network laid the groundwork for television broadcasting. On 23 April 2000, EBC launched station Net 25 on the UHF television band, with a powerful 120-kilowatt transmitter and state-of-the-art television technology. Its programs include imported canned shows on technology and science as well as news and lifestyle and entertainment shows. Apart from Net 25 in Manila, the station airs nationwide through Channel 46 in Baguio, Channel 41 in Cebu, and Channel 39 in Davao. While webstreaming, it is also transmitted via cable throughout the country and via satellite around the world, with partner agencies in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Northeast Asia.


In 2013, EBC launched the web-based Eagle News Service, with correspondents in different parts of the world, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Canada, United States, Japan, and Dubai, filing news stories in audio and video formats. Accessible at eaglenews.ph, the site also streams the signals of the network’s stations.


Though run commercially, EBC reflects the doctrine and beliefs of the Iglesia ni Cristo, its owners being members of the said church. Net 25’s programming includes the religious program Ang Tamang Daan (The Right Path) and other INC-produced evangelical programs. The INC’s political inclinations are also apparent on EBC. In Apr 2001, Net 25 was the only television station that covered live the pro-Estrada rallies of support for ousted president Joseph Estrada, whom the INC backed. This coverage was followed by the airing of news and public affairs programs Agila Reports (Eagle Reports) and Liwanagin Natin (Let Us Explain). It also then tried but later abandoned the teleradyo (television-radio) format with DZEC.


DZEC received the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) Golden Dove Award for Best Children’s Program for EC Ka Lang Bata (Take It Easy Kid) in 1996 and Best Comedy Program for Sic O’Clock Na (It’s Already Six O’Clock) in 1996. The 2011 KBP Golden Dove Award for Best Culture and Arts Program was given to Net 25’s Landmarks and to Janice de Belen as Best Magazine Program Host. The station also received the 2012 KBP Golden Dove Award for Best TV and Science and Technology Program for Convergence.


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