DZRB 738 kHz on AM, or Radyo ng Bayan (The Nation’s Radio)


DZRB 738 kHz on AM, or Radyo ng Bayan (The Nation’s Radio)


DZRB 738 kHz on AM, or Radyo ng Bayan (The Nation’s Radio), is the flagship station of the Bureau of Broadcast Services (BBS), also known as the Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS), a nationwide network of 31 AM and 6 FM stations owned and operated by the Philippine government. It is based in Metro Manila but heard throughout the country.


DZRB began as KZFM, which began broadcast from Manila in 1945 right after World War II, under the US Office of War Information. Upon granting independence to the Philippines in 1946, the US government transferred KZFM to the new Philippine republic. The transfer also marked the establishment of the PBS, which then opened other radio stations throughout the country. KZFM became DZFM in 1949 following a shift in broadcast station call letters mandated by the International Telecommunications Union. PBS was renamed Bureau of Broadcast (BB) upon the declaration of martial law in 1972 by Pres Ferdinand E. Marcos while DZFM was renamed DZRB. Following the 1986 popular uprising that overthrew Marcos, commonly called EDSA Revolt, the BB was renamed the Bureau of Broadcast Services-Philippine Broadcasting Service in 1987 attached to the Office of the President through the Presidential Communications Operations Office.


Public affairs dominate DZRB’s programming, with emphasis on government activities including those of the president, Congress, and local government units. Among its news programs are Radyo ng Bayan Network Balita (Radyo ng Bayan Network News), Radyo Peryodiko (Radio Newspaper), and Patrol ng Bayan (Nation Patrol). Programs that aim to aid development are also aired, such as Maunlad na Agrikultura (Progressive Agriculture), Census Serbilis (Fast Census Services), and Ang Tipo Kong Negosyo (My Type of Business).


The Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas’ 2009 Golden Dove Awards and the 2007 Catholic Mass Media Awards recognized DZRB’s Sulyap Kultura (A Glimpse at Culture), which featured facts and figures about Philippine arts and culture, as Best Culture and Arts Program.



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