Downplay Their Mistakes


Downplay Their Mistakes

Downplay Their Mistakes

They already feel bad for making a mistake…

You repeating that to their face won’t solve anything.

Telling someone that they’re wrong and stupid is the fastest way to make an enemy. Sure, they may be on the wrong but that doesn’t mean you should shout about it at the rooftops.

They already feel bad for making a mistake, you repeating that to their face won’t solve anything.

Instead, what you can do is downplay their mistakes, and then mention how everybody (even you) can make mistakes regarding this certain project/incident. Next, give them a solution so they can avoid making the same mistake in the future.

For example, let’s say that your friend Emmy bought the wrong cake for your friend’s birthday party. Instead of saying how dumb she is, make her feel like it’s not her fault because anyone could’ve made the same mistake.

Say something like:

“Emmy, don’t worry about it. We’ve all been so stressed out lately that anyone could have bought the wrong cake. It looks the same as the one we wanted to buy so it’s not really your fault. Why don’t we go back to the shop and replace it?”

Doing this instead will make Emmy feel better and she will start to trust you more. Emmy will never forget this because this isn’t a normal response most people are expecting.

Action Guide:

1 – When was the last time you made someone feel wrong and a little humiliated? Think about what you could have said and done in that situation. Write it down on a piece of paper and then make a list of the lessons you learned from that encounter.

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