Cultivate a Legend


Cultivate a Legend

Cultivate a Legend

Cultivating a legend means controlling the narrative about yourself.

Cultivating a legend means controlling the narrative about yourself. You should only do this if you are genuine and honest about your intentions.

Let’s say that you want to be a famous comedian and you really like talking about your race. Then you can tell jokes about your race and be “the guy” who talks about his race. Now, if you’re super racist and you always go over the line, then this strategy would backfire. You have to really know a lot about your race in order to talk about it.

Another example: Let’s say that you wanted to influence your employees to be more productive. One of the tactics that works is you can check-up on them randomly and watch how they work. You can cultivate a legend by actually doing that strategy and making everyone know that you are “that guy.”

Now, if you’re not that type of boss, then it probably won’t be an effective method to influence them. They’ll just fake their work because they know that you actually don’t care. So you have to be genuine. You have to cultivate a real legend that people will know you for.

Action Guide

1 – Make a list of who you want your market to know you for and what you can do to cultivate it.

For example, let’s say that you work as a non-fiction writing coach and you want them to know that you are a no-nonsense coach who can teach someone to write a book in 7 days or less.

Goal: To be a no-nonsense coach whom people recognize as someone who can teach other people to write a book in 7 days.

Things you can do to cultivate this legend:

1 – Teach the strategy behind writing fast

2 – Show testimonials of other people who have successfully written their books in 7 days or less

3 – Show books you’ve written in 7 days

4 – Vlog about the process of writing a book fast

Doing and showing these things cultivate the legend that you are the “no-nonsense, quick writing” coach.

Can you see how powerful this is?

Use it wisely!

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