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Biden documents: it’s not the where but when?

How badly did Merrick Garland need a “whataboutism” argument?

Biden documents discovered before Mar-a-Lago raid...

Biden documents discovered before Mar-a-Lago raid…

The where is important but more importantly than that is the when? The White House refuses to divulge when the second batch of documents was found.

What if the second batch found by aides is actually the first batch? It stands to reason that the lawyers probably found the second batch at Penn-Biden Center. This would then explain why the first batch that aides found was well before the Mar-a-Lago raid. Did Biden, or his controllers, persuade Merrick Garland to provide a whataboutism argument? Did Biden need to use the technique of responding to an accusation by making a counteraccusation?

It looks more and more like The Mar-a-Lago raid was conducted to cover for what the Biden aide knew would become public knowledge eventually.

The media has the chronology wrong and that was probably organized on purpose. Wouldn’t it make more sense that aides found the first batch and they called in the lawyers; the lawyers found the second batch?

Biden documents discovered before Mar-a-Lago raid... Penn-Biden Center

Penn-Biden Center

Lawyers don’t just say let me look through the president’s personal closets, not even those at a think-tank. Why were Biden’s lawyers there in the first place? Were they looking for something specific? Was there something specific they were doing going through these closets?

Someone sent them, but the White House had a balls to say, “it was routine moving stuff.” They can only get away with that lame statement because their followers, their clients, are likely to believe it. Socialist drones are the stupidest people on the planet. Lawyers moving things around.

And another dumbass statement from the white house, “I would refer you to the White House counsel’s very extensive information.” It was Biden’s personal attorneys who found the top-secret documents. Every reasonable person in this town knows one lawyer can’t comment on what another lawyer is doing or has done. And “very extensive”? Nobody is putting out very extensive information, not the White House counsel and not his personal lawyers.

The Biden document narrative and timeline…

It’s done this way on purpose. It will just keep going around and around and around until we forget to keep asking, “why were personal lawyers there?”  Why did they discover the documents?

Personal lawyers? If it was just routine moving then contracted movers would be doing it or lower-level aides would be doing it?

The Penn-Bidden Center Sesspool

Penn-Biden Center = Biden documents discovered before Mar-a-Lago raid…

Also, there is the question of what aides found that set of documents? White House aides or personal aides?  If it were personal aides, then that might mean the documents were found before January 20th, 2021, well before the Mar-a-Lago. And if it were White House aides involved, wouldn’t that point to a very unflattering picture of Joe Biden? He’s a dog that can’t remember where he buried dozens of bones.

Back to the lawyers, why would his personal lawyers be involved? Have they, on the side, formed a moving company?

If you have any type of investigative mind you went, “wait a minute is this in chronological order?” Not just the lawyers, but the report is aides discovered documents too. It was released to the media in reverse order to underscore that it couldn’t have anything to do with the Mar-a-Lago raid.

Aides found the first batch but the White House won’t tell us when. Lawyers found the second batch, only days before the midterm elections.

Biden documents boiled down to three issues…

Primarily, it’s not the first time the media has been duped on the order of events. Second, these are top-level top-secret documents, far more sensitive than the Mar-a-Lago classified documents. Third, we don’t know if this is going to end and we don’t know when this was gonna end or how many properties he might have stored top-secret documents.

Where were these documents found?  They haven’t told us that because that might point to a when. If the aides found the document before Mar-a-Lago, then Biden will be impeached and possibly removed from office. Hello Kamila, are you listening?

Who knows how many places he owns? If this second batch was found in a property owned by the president, well the White House is saying say that it wasn’t occupied by the president. Biden “owns” the property? Is Hunter living in his Beijing or Kyiv apartment again? Is Hunter living in Westchester with the Clintons; taking lessons?  Biden could own a lot of properties where other family members live and they don’t have that kind of clearance and shouldn’t have access to those documents are living.

Yes, until the second discovery, it did occur to me that the Left planted or allowed the information to be leaked to the press. Many know and most believe Joe Biden would lose miserably in 2024 and this is just a left-wing takedown. Biden’s not liked by the new generation of socialists, many of whom have utter disrespect for Joe Biden’s generation.

What sort of family member would stab Joe Biden in the back?

Penn-Biden Center = Biden documents discovered before Mar-a-Lago raid...

Biden documents discovered …

Family members found the original documents squirrelled away and called the aides to remove the document from a home owned by Joe Biden. Are these the same family members who sold political access to any of several nations, China, Ukraine, Iran?

Given the locations, what is most likely is that family found them the first time. They realize they were looking at classified information, and then the word gets down from them to the administration, whether it was Biden or whatever or someone close to Biden in the White House. Somebody who knows him, family members or staffers, whoever realizes that there might be documents at a variety of offices and homes. They realize squirrelling away hundreds of documents might put Joe Biden in criminal jeopardy; the lawyers are called.

Eventually, the lawyers get around to the University of Pennsylvania Center, because why would the personal lawyers be there? The personal lawyers would be there because they think there might be criminal liability. If it was found in one squirrel hole and the aides did find documents, then there might be documents in a dozen other squirrel holes.

Lawyers were there at the second discovery because of the criminal liability, and they needed to provide the best legal defence for the president. And the White House claim, lawyers were just helping move these things to somewhere else or going through documents or whatever reason when they made the discovery.

What is the media’s role in the Penn-Bidengate?

So what does the media get? They received the lawyers to find the first one and then they received the one that aides found. How convenient?

What really happened? The aides found things, then the lawyers get involved and then the lawyers immediately begin cooperating, so they can say Trump’s lawyers didn’t cooperate.

And then they tell Biden not to ask what was in the documents. Yes, they actually gave the advice to Biden, “don’t you dare ask what these files contain.”

This is how dumb Biden used that advice and says, “no I’ve been I’ve been told, I was told by my lawyers not to ask what it’s about,” and, “that’s it we won’t answer any more questions at all on anything.” Biden did this because the next question logically would be, “Will it affect national security?”

Joe Biden might not be the real president of the United States. What does it matter if he sees them or knows what is in them? He is supposed to see them and know what is in them. The President is actually about the only person NOT capable of violating the Presidential Records Act. This makes me think the lawyers are giving political AND legal advice. The lawyers are preparing an “I’ve never seen that document before” defence. It will be shameful if it works.

He’s the president of the United States; he can know what’s in the documents. So now when the entire story comes out, he can explain to the American public then what happened. But now the lawyers are denying him that right, that power. When the White House sits and says, “no, no, no,” they aren’t protecting any investigation because they don’t have to protect the President; they’re not protecting the nation’s best interest; they’re protecting Joe Biden politically.

What does the Biden documentgate say about Biden’s charcter?

Tell me is Biden’s response more like John F. Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs debacle or like the behaviour of Richard Nixon after the Watergate break-in?

Forget Biden’s lawbreaking; let’s have a very frank discussion about somebody in the White House who is in charge but is not fully in charge of his own mental faculties. He was in charge of giving orders as a former vice president at the time; these documents go here those documents go there and whoever is taking those orders the aides. They aren’t morons; are they?

What triggered all this? Were aides or family members concerned that he may not remember where he hid all those nuts? Someone was saying, “we’re gonna have to look everywhere, in homes, offices, planes, and vehicles.”

Why do I think this is what has happened? Because that’s what the reports actually tell us so far.

And it begs the question, is there a greater concern that Biden actually doesn’t actually remember or know where they all might be? Not that Biden’s not responsible for them because ultimately he would be.

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Author: Lincoln Steffens


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