Become a Celebrity


Become a Celebrity

Become a Celebrity

Being the “celebrity CEO consultant” can lead to more clients

Let’s face it. Celebrities are one of the most influential group of people in the planet. Somehow, we’re head over heels in pretty much anything they say and do.

Not all of us can be “Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie” famous.

But what you can do is try to become a celebrity in your market.

Let’s say that you work as a CEO Advisor.

You can build influence and be a “celebrity” in your tiny market by creating content via videos, talk-shows, podcasts and written articles about CEO advisory. You are mimicking what the celebrities are doing by being everywhere. Being the “celebrity CEO consultant” can lead to more clients, more authority and more influence which leads to more sales.

Action Guide:

1 – What can you start today that will help you build celebrity status in your business/market? Focus on one aspect first. It could be YouTube videos (or Facebook videos), podcasts, Facebook live where you teach people anything related to your topic, and talk-show style videos where you interview a client or anyone related to your market.

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