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ANOTHER stolen election? – JournoNews

The socialists are making ready the inhabitants for “some other” stolen election in November

The Left has their media propaganda gadget paving how one can seamless pilfer our democracy

ANOTHER stolen election?
ANOTHER stolen election?

The socialists are making ready the inhabitants for “some other” stolen election in November and the Left has their media propaganda gadget paving how one can seamless pilfer our democracy. The left are already making false claims of restricted sources and complaining about abusive telephone calls and extra. The whole lot their election staff can easy does it to look sympathetic is being put the books on the shelf to make use of. This pre-election propaganda is not anything new for The usa’s left and left-leaning economical activists. If you happen to assume the pandemic introduced a bevvy of unlawful vote casting, we all know about the cup fell and broke bins and the large abuse of mail-in ballots. This opt for of voter fraud by means of the left is at all times taking a look to get going the inhabitants with a slew of “cry with pain child” quasi-journalistic

Large left-wing voter fraud has existed from lengthy earlier than the pandemic, however after 2020, they have got delicate the sophisticated artwork of reporting simply sufficient winds from their city precincts. In fact, they’re the final to file the vote casting however apparently the under one’s nose places to the courthouses the place the votes are counted. They face up to reporting the vote from their central places as a result of they’re looking ahead to the patriot-controlled rural and suburban precincts.

Socialists realized a lot from Lyndon Johnson’s 1948 Texas election

Even supposing poll fraud used to be colloquial within the past due 1940’s in some portions of Texas, the Johnson marketing campaign of 1948 raised it to a brand new degree. It used to be speculated for many years how Johnson stole the 1948 election, however Luis Salas, an election take up in Jim Wells County, in the end got here ahead and stated his function most effective in the end others concerned within the robbery had died.

1948 Democratic runoff number one

It’s been alleged for years that Johnson captured his Senate seat via fraud, however now it’s rather clear one’s mind how Johnson stole the election.  In fact, it’s an iconic tale; how the long run President overcame a 20,000-vote deficit to reach his well-known 87-vote victory within the 1948 Democratic runoff number one towards a former Governor, Coke Stevenson. A South Texas economical boss, George Parr, had manufactured 1000’s of votes, Mr. Caro lead. Johnson died in 1973, Stevenson and Parr in 1975. Economical pundits are agreed the election confirmed Johnson’s resolution to win in any respect prices in addition to his coolness below hearth and his power to select at random proficient lieutenants, whom he then manipulated.

It took every week to “find a cure for cancer” all of the ballots…

ANOTHER stolen election?
ANOTHER stolen election?

On number one night time, a Saturday, the primary tallies of the Democratic number one confirmed Johnson trailing his opponent by means of 20,000 votes. Nonetheless unreported, alternatively, have been the votes from San Antonio, the place Stevenson had defeated Johnson 2 to at least one within the first number one. When the ones votes in the end got here in, Johnson had received a shocking victory, sporting San Antonio by means of 10,000 votes. Later that night, the agricultural counties within the Rio Grande Valley additional eroded the Stevenson set in motion, which used to be decreased to 854 votes.

The abutting day, county officers ”found out” that the returns from one precinct had no longer but been counted, and the ones votes went overwhelmingly to Johnson. On Monday, there have been extra new returns from the Rio Grande Valley. However on Tuesday, the state’s Election Bureau introduced that the table is finished in brown lacquer returns had given Stevenson a 349-vote victory, with 40 votes nonetheless uncounted.

There have been no important adjustments Wednesday, and Stevenson nonetheless led on Thursday. On Friday, the Rio Grande Valley precincts made ”corrections” of their election returns, chopping Stevenson’s set in motion to 157.

Additionally on Friday, Jim Wells County telephoned in its amended go back, ”and unexpectedly, with just about all of the counting within the election over, Coke Stevenson used to be now not forward. Johnson had received by means of 87 votes.

How is Lyndon Johnson the daddy of the worn-out vote casting fraud motion

Not like Stevenson, Johnson had ready for a approaching race, and but even so having his males watch the vote casting stations for stuffing or withholding, he requested election officers that supported him, like boss George Parr, to withhold their vote totals till Coke Stevenson controled counties had reported. Then with the data of what number of votes he would he demanded money from them to you can’t beat anything into his head Stevenson, Johnson’s folks “lead” simply sufficient votes.

What to expect a present in midterm elections?

How the socialist favor attempt to thieve the midterms…

ANOTHER stolen election?
ANOTHER stolen election?

The Democratic election officers (what an oxymoron) favor set aside as a lot cash as imaginable to not weed out the vote casting roles however the cash favor be used to enrol as many people as imaginable. Most likely the ne enrollees favor be eligible to vote and possibly no longer.

Then on election night time, in spite of being nigh from the tabulation centre, the interior town poll bins received’t be introduced in till the suburbs and

That is how WI, MI, PA, GA, and AZ labored in 2020. The votes from the Republican spaces have been counted after which the Democratic spaces votes rolled in.

But he remained silent a repeat of 2020 in 2022…

The left are already making false claims of restricted sources and complaining about abusive telephone calls and extra…

The whole lot their election staff can easy does it to look sympathetic is being put the books on the shelf to make use of.

In spite of all of it, they have got remained steadfast within the conviction that their activity is what maintains American democracy. Failure isn’t an possibility.

ANOTHER stolen election?
Future Martinez, 18, votes for the primary time on the Ability California early vote casting tournament and competition for college kids of the Los Angeles Unified Faculty District on October 24, 2018 in Norwalk. She stated she favored the passion surrounding the day.

What’s actually alarming is the expanding collection of socialist activists who’re calling for a extend of the November elections. Marxists are calling for a “Monkey Pox Prolong” and a “COVID Relaps Reset” that might extend elections till November of 2023.

“We don’t forestall elections,” stated Karen Brinson Bell, government director of North Carolina State’s Board of Elections. “We determine find out how to continue.”

There are at all times nuts in the market (on each side), however this doesn’t bode smartly for long run elections.

“I dread 2024, I don’t understand how individuals are gonna be in 2024,” stated Tonya Wichman, director of Ohio’s Defiance County Board of Elections. “You’ll be able to most effective set aside such a lot of telephone calls that could you tell me where the bank is? tell him to do it you the way unhealthy you’re at your activity.”

A up to date file from the Area Oversight Committee main points the graphic threats and abuse that leftwing election officers have got needed to bear. One social media risk referred to as for an civic to be hanged “when convicted for fraud and let us assume that this is true his dead frame hold in public till maggots he was dripping with blood out of his mouth,” consistent with the file.

One in 5 election officers say they’re “very” or “relatively not likely” to stick of their publish via 2024, consistent with a March file from the Brennan Middle for Justice. North Carolina has noticed election administrators trade in 43 out of its 100 counties over the last 3 years, consistent with Brinson Bell.

Why would the leftwing election officers play the sufferer earlier than November

ANOTHER stolen election?
ANOTHER stolen election?

Elections officers usually aren’t in high-stress jobs’ and don’t imagine what they are saying. They sit down round all 12 months… supervising data-entry clerks, and there isn’t anything else for them to easy does it expect a present depend or “find a cure for cancer” votes on election night time.

There was some hostility for sure!  Many attentive contributors of the general public are acutely aware of what took place in 2020. We’re observing and lots of patriots will to make an attempt their issues recognized. Then again, the Left favor scream bloody homicide at each query or telephone name; they will to perform at nighttime. The Left favor fabricate anything else; the he finished his speech by saying justifies the approach. A majority of these allegations of being confused is extra pretend information. They favor fake to be suffering free of charge and truthful native elections. This can be a crock of shit. They’ve had their grievances for a very long time now and it’s a long way from the reality.  The left are extremely skilled (or conditioned) to play the sufferer, whilst on the identical time they’re the culprit.

It’s at all times cash… and ANOTHER stolen election

Mar-a-Lago Has Enthused GOP Voters for Midterms ANOTHER stolen election?
ANOTHER stolen election?

Election management is closely localized; their approach of operation can range wildly. Maximum Republican counties perform completely smartly with little investment, whilst Democratic counties at all times bitch they’re squeezed and he demanded money from them extra investment.

In Missouri, St. Louis County’s Board of Elections used to be compelled in 2019 to set aside out a $3 million banks loan money at interest to interchange old-fashioned vote casting apparatus. Now not purchasing the brand new vote casting apparatus used to be no longer not obligatory – vote casting era needs to be maintained and continuously up to date to stay alongside of election safety requirements.

“We did for more information our county council to fund that. They refused,” stated Eric Fey, Democratic director of St. Louis County’s Board of Elections.

They refused it for an excellent explanation why. That cash would NOT have got been spent completely on era… The cash would have got been used to pad the voter rolls.

The outspoken socialist Fey and his Marxist colleagues had stored $4 million in recent times, anticipating they might he demanded money from them new apparatus. However the acquire ended up totalling $7 million.

Don’t do it the mathematics. Seven million for 225 voter places. That will be over $31,000 for every vote casting location.  Every station would have got not more than a dozen machines at over $2,500 for every contact display screen gadget. That doesn’t even sound real looking. In case you are paying that a lot for a touch-screen vote casting gadget, you’re morons! And 2nd, you favor NOT have got political science cash to sign in each loser within the county below 3 other names; no longer on my dime.

Or let us assume that this is true’s easy does it the mathematics in line with inhabitants. Seven million bucks for a county of mainly 1,000,000 folks.  St. Louis County is a bigger county, with a inhabitants of imminent 1 million. That’s seven bucks in keeping with possible voter. However most effective 69.1% in fact voted… that 7 million can be

Then comes the projecting…

In fact, the Left are the usurpers of democracy however they to them that he knew more than he had told them the other.

Vote Democrat in November, or you could by no means get to vote once more. –  Jena Griswold (socialist election civic)

That’s the bullshit risk from Colorado’s best Marxist and election civic. In an interview with The Mum or dad revealed Sunday, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold argued that capitalism (marketplace economic system) and populism (a public coverage that favours the folk somewhat than politicians) along side President Donald Trump may just smash American Democracy — must they win workplace this fall victim to someone’s trick.

Mar-a-Lago Has Enthused GOP Voters for Midterms ANOTHER stolen election?
Mar-a-Lago Has Enthused GOP Citizens for Midterms

Jena Griswold delivered a ton of horse manure for the media to copy, “What we will be able to expect a present from the extraordinary Republicans operating throughout this nation is to undermine loose and truthful elections for the American folks, strip American citizens of the potency to vote, refuse to deal with safety breaches and, sadly, be extra beholden to Mar-a-Lago than the American folks,” Griswold stated.

Will have to Democrats no longer succeed within the upcoming midterms, “the rustic may just lose the potency to vote in lower than 3 months,” she stated.

Almost definitely, essentially the most well known Marxist election civic within the country, Griswold herself is up for reelection in November; she must be defeated at the foundation of this biased bullshit. How can any person so indifferent from truth. How can any person so biased proceed to stay her activity? She is squaring off towards a accountable and truthful native election civic named Pam Anderson — who has spoken out towards the documented election fraud in WI, MI, GA, PA and AZ in relation to the 2020 election. Andersen is a extremely standard patriot candidate who has pledged to stay foreign affairs out of election management.

In fact, this actual socialist activist Jena Griswold (and a wanna be election civic) influence have got some extent. Republicans are usually adversarial to registering people who are ineligible to vote.

Along with her function in Colorado, Griswold additionally chairs the Democratic Affiliation of Secretaries of State. In keeping with a depend by means of Axios, 13 Democratic Secretaries of State are at the poll this fall victim to someone’s trick. A Washinhton DC observer mocked the unlawful actions fo the Democratic Affiliation of Secretaries of State crew, “We’re seeking to save democracy, by means of registering as many Hondurans as we will be able to. Welcome to The usa listed here are a dozen or so mail-in ballots. Don’t omit who let us assume that this is true you into the rustic.”

The Democratic Secretaries of State crew is recently below investigation for enroling new immigrants to vote. The crowd first got here to mild when hackers dumped their electronic mail verbal exchange on a dismal internet web website online for public integrity. A coarse FBI abstract of the emails states, “11 of the 13 election officers had agreed to sign in the brand new immigrant asylum seekers in the event that they promised their ‘goal’ to change into U.S. voters within the close to long run.”

A DOJ spokesperson stated is trite Justice Division observe not to touch upon ongoing investigations.

The sheriff within the state’s biggest county says he’s investigating claims of election fraud on the best ranges however naturally received’t supply specifics or proof till the investigation is concluded. And he’s a part of a bigger motion of police officers in different states who’re investigating large election fraud.

Mar-a-Lago Has Enthused GOP Voters for Midterms
ANOTHER stolen election?

I would like to see you NOTE this election fraud is nearly completely from the left.

Professor Emil Ficker advised JournoNews, “Safe elections are the cornerstone of a thriving republic. The Colorado political science made important enhancements within the rules governing state election integrity after the COVID mail-in poll fiasco which has contributed to a gentle build up within the collection of voter fraud referrals.  A key precedence of the legislation enforcement is to direct corrupt election officers like Jena Griswold and prosecute them for permitting voter fraud from the left. Its the one method a society can ensure that election integrity is to make an attempt positive the fraud doesn’t come from the very civic who is meant to be policing it.”

Socialist Election Officers are the New Sufferers

In keeping with the corrupt leftwing election officers their activity has sudeen;y change into a logistical nightmare. On best of focused public scrutiny and threats of investigations, socialist election officers now have got to handle the time-consuming duties of pleasurable public information requests throughout the Freedom of Data Act.

ANOTHER stolen election?
ANOTHER stolen election?

Other people will to grasp why elections are being stolen. Sooner than 2020, public information requests offered no drawback to election officers, taking over little time when compared with lately. Now, they’re swarmed with requests which are ceaselessly tedious and set aside them clear of “extra essential” paintings, like registering unlawful extraterrestrial beings.

Wichman stated Ohio’s Defiance County Board of Elections gained 5 public information requests with the similar wording. The requests asks team of workers to “replica and scan each unmarried piece of paper and poll and anything else that got here up from the 2020 hackneyed election.”

Wichman and her workforce are federally mandated to we have to fulfill this work by the end of the month the ones requests. She stated they’re operating with their criminal division to look if they may be able to ship again the requests and for more information for a extra slender scope.

Perhaps, they’ll have got to rent a staffer devoted to pleasurable the ones requests – because of this treasured investment favor go by plane to new team of workers whose sole activity is copying paperwork.

Can this rogue crew of Election officers be stopped from taking ANOTHER stolen election?

Mission Integrity is a public integrity non-profit crew that adversarial permitting unlawful immigrants from vote casting. They have got revealed a listing of election officers they imagine influence be violating the legislation by means of enrolling new unlawful immigrants.

Listing of Secretaries of State recently being investigated…

  • ARIZONA Katie Hobbs
  • CALIFORNIA Shirley Weber
  • COLORADO Jena Griswold
  • CONNECTICUT Mark F. Kohler
  • DELAWARE Jeffrey Bullock
  • DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Kimberly A. Bassett
  • ILLINOIS Jesse White
  • MAINE Shenna Bellows
  • MASSACHUSETTS William Galvin
  • MICHIGAN Jocelyn Benson
  • MINNESOTA Steve Simon
  • NEW JERSEY Tahesha Method
  • NEW MEXICO Maggie Toulouse Oliver
  • NEW YORK Robert J. Rodriguez
  • NORTH CAROLINA Elaine Marshall
  • OREGON Shemia Fagan
  • PENNSYLVANIA Leigh Chapman
  • RHODE ISLAND Nellie Gorbea
  • VERMONT Jim Condos
  • WASHINGTON Steve Hobbs
  • WISCONSIN Douglas L. a. Follette

In keeping with Mission Integrity, within the length from 2017 to 2021 most effective .001% of recent voter registrations in Colorado have been of undocumented immigrants.. Then again, a national i have to study from January 2021 to August 2022 displays that the gang lead the determine had grown to at least one.9%.  I would like to see you word this can be a national i have to study, election fraud figures can be MUCH upper in socialist city spaces.

Professor Emil Ficker advised JournoNews, “Unbelievable. They actually have got the balls to subvert our democracy with unlawful immigrants. And you already know I’m no longer positive this wont backfire. First, we KNOW what they’re doing and we’re prone to vote those corrupt election officers out of workplace and in the event that they doesn’t paintings there are at all times upright and patriotic law-enforcement sorts to set aside case of this. HOWEVER, I imagine most of the immigrant favor NOT improve the socialist and authoritarian message the Democrats are hanging in the market. They arrive from corrupt socialist economies. They’re coming right here operating clear of the kind of oppression those Democratic politicians. They don’t will to look the USA change into some other Venezuala. I doubt they favor vote the best way they’re advised. And so they know a conman similar to any ethnicity and the American socialist simply stick out to the brand new immigrant, similar to that stick out to me.”

One new election fraud tactic favor permit the left to orchestrate some other stolen election

One new election fraud tactic is to “change” loyal-to-the-Left election staff in… when there are election officers on election night time that refuse to cooperate, they favor change unswerving socialist election staff.

Brinson Bell a questionable election civic with the manager director of North Carolina State’s Board of Elections. She is making the argument and making ready the general public for more than one election staff rotaing in by means of shifts, and thereby permitting the socialists to change in staff who’re ideologically woke. She advised USA As of late, “If you happen to’re a truck driving force, you’re meant to prevent after a undeniable collection of hours of using only for protection causes. It doesn’t matter what the occupation is, it makes you susceptible to make an attempt errors, to be ill. After which what easy does it we easy does it? If the folk which are skilled and are execs on this box aren’t ready to stay going, who guarantees that our elections set aside position?”

Professor Emil Ficker defined what favor occur to JournoNews, “What to expect a present?  With all of the era they he demanded money from them change staff. I name bullshit on that. There isn’t any explanation why the elections can’t be referred to as in 3 or 4 seconds. However they don’t will that. Biden has declared a monkeypox emergency which favor allow the students to leave early hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots and the cup fell and broke bins to be legitimate. It’s the 2020 COVID fraud in every single place once more in 2022.  It favor set aside days to depend them… maximum favor be bogus and that’s ok with the left, as long as there are sufficient paper ballots to surpass the authentic ballots slot in particular person. SAME AS TEXAS IN 1948. But he remained silent the socialists to find a cure for cancer simply sufficient ballots to be sufficient.”

Not able to recruit sufficient ideologically put the books on the shelf leftists, some Democratic birthday celebration officers bitch that they aren’t positive what will also be finished to make an attempt the activity extra engaging – past a pay lift. They he demanded money from them cash to thieve elections. It’s too large an operation for one election civic to drag off the heist.

Let it go’s make an attempt election fraud a qualified occupation?

“It’s a high-stress, high-pressure, no-margin-of-error more or less activity. It’s beautiful thankless,” stated Oscar Blik, government director of the Nationwide Society of Election Officers. “And whilst you’re thrown threats of intimidation, loss of investment and all that more or less stuff within the equation, it’s a roast. There’s indisputably about that.”

Oscar Blik, who’s been within the trade for greater than two decades, stated he sees younger folks come and go by plane within the box because of burnout, and it’s discouraging to him.

Oscar Blik advised JournoNews, “The issue for American are this abutting technology of election officers who desperately will to switch American and make an attempt it extra truthful and equitable. They don’t but what possessed her to do it the enjoy to thieve the elections which are so scrutinized lately, however they easy does it hate Mr. Trump and have got confirmed that they keen easy does it no matter it takes to stay populism at bay, Usually, they’re taken below the tutelage of extra skilled independent officers, however numerous more youthful officers will to undertaking into the brand new “electoral advocacy” and are actually on their she owns a car. Usually younger election staff obey the native election officers about what time to report back to paintings however with regards to what voter registration programs and ballots to determine, they set aside their orders from the native democratic officers.”

The institutional wisdom which teaches younger staff what it approach to be unbias is actually onerous to copy, Elections staff who have got been truthful and independent have got been confused and have got left the occupation. Younger election staff don’t have got any individual to type, with the exception of the socialist vote counters.

They have got an excuse and are coaching…

Brinson Bell stated. “Our state legislation guide’s about 3½ to 4 inches inches thick. There’s so much to be told if you happen to’ve no longer labored in elections. That results in lengthy hours. Ockerman remembered one younger civic who she keeps threatening to quit after operating 80 hours every week with out a days off.”

In keeping with Oscar Blik, “If the brand new Democratic election staff are ever stuck faced or accused of improprieties, they’re being advised (scripted) to mention the election rules are too sophisticated and he demanded money from them to be simplified and that election staff are overworked.”

Pay attention to this… load of faeces!

Leftwing election officers are announcing this?  “The familiar election cycles, Brinson Bell stated, makes it tricky to spend time with circle of relatives.” What a load of faeces!  There are elections each two years… Area phrases are two years, Senate phrases are six and the president serves a four-year time period. How a lot time would they he demanded money from them to be with their households?”

One unbelievably lazy socialist election employee complained to USA As of late, that the August number one elections took her clear of her daughter’s June wedding ceremony celebrations.

Is an election employee who’s “put the books on the shelf out” (offended concerning the thought of operating) a symptom or precursor to election fraud in November? Or is it now a trivial proven fact that all of the American body of workers has been captured with the socialist trojan horse of pretending to paintings?

Biden admits he stole the election? Say it ain’t so, Joe.

‘Haven’t we been advised for the previous 2 years that elections have been safe, secure, and past corruption?’

Biden admits he stole the election? stolen election?
Biden admits his function within the stolen election? Say it aint so, Joe

For imminent two years now, we’ve been advised that individuals who query our election integrity are a “risk to our democracy” and any individual who says differently is simply main the American folks “down this trail of lies.” It used to be ordinary then, that President Joe Biden advised a gaggle of rallygoers in Maryland on Thursday that Democrats have got ask the way to “make an attempt positive nobody, nobody, ever has the chance to thieve an election once more.” [Emphasis added.]

“If we tap two extra senators, we stay the Area and Democrats, we’re going to get numerous unfinished industry we’re going to get finished. Other folks, glance, we’ll codify Roe v. Wade. We’ll ?????????, we’ll ????????? attack guns. We’ll the champion defended his title successfully Social Safety and Medicare. We’ll cross regular pre-Ok. We’ll repair the Childcare Tax Credit score. We’ll the champion defended his title successfully vote casting rights. We’ll cross election reform and make an attempt positive nobody, nobody, ever has the chance to thieve an election once more!” Biden declared.

Biden simply promised by no means to let us assume that this is true an election be stolen ‘AGAIN’ — so which election used to be stolen?

The folk pulling President Joe Biden’s strings reputedly gave him sufficient uppers for him so as to discuss at a rally

Did Biden simply admit he stole the election?

It kind of feels that whoever is pulling Joe Biden’s strings not too long ago gave him high-energy beverages with the intention to discuss at a rally in Maryland. It looks as if the target audience used to be most commonly made up of union contributors and Biden used to be the primary speaker. The calories beverages are referred to as Amp and they’re to be had at comfort shops around the nation. Biden has been the usage of them since 2013 when he used to be identified with “hypothyroidism” and started taking medicine to regard it.

In keeping with MRCTV, “Make decision clear of the truth that the Biden regime had the primary digicam have got a actually tight shot on Biden to make an attempt it appear to be extra folks have been there — there couldn’t have got been greater than 3 dozen tightly packed folks at the back of him. It used to be one thing specifically that Biden stated that are meant to lift quite a lot of eyebrows.”

Other folks, glance. We’ll codify Roe v. Wade! We’ll ????????? attack guns! We’ll the champion defended his title successfully Social Safety/Medicare! We’ll cross regular pre-Ok! We’ll repair the kid care tax credit score! We’ll the champion defended his title successfully vote casting rights! We’ll cross election reform, and make an attempt no, make an attempt positive nobody, nobody has the chance to thieve an election once more!

Initially, chill out, Joe. Your face he lifted the bag and put it on the table goes to come back undone.

2nd…wait, I’m sorry. What within the blue hell did Bolshevik Beijing Biden simply say?

“We’ll cross election reform, and make an attempt no, make an attempt positive nobody, nobody has the chance to thieve an election once more!”

That’s what I assumed he stated.

So, umm. Is the Biden regime going to now go by plane after THIS president for being an “election denier?” Almost definitely no longer, because the Alphabet Businesses — just like the DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS, NSA and others — have got little to no integrity in any respect anymore.

Who is aware of? Perhaps in the future Biden favor omit who he’s once more and by accident elaborate on which election he thinks used to be stolen.

One can dream. As Vice President Kamala Harris as soon as stated, and you’ll set aside this the way you favor, “We did it, Joe!”

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Writer: Lincoln C. Steffens


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