DXUP 105.5 MHz on FM


DXUP 105.5 MHz on FM

DXUP 105.5 MHz on FM is one of the community radios


DXUP 105.5 MHz on FM is one of the community radios set up under the GENPeace Program operated by the Upi Community Media Education Center (CMEC) and heard in Nuro Upi, South Upi, and other parts of Maguindanao, some parts of North Cotabato, Lanao del Norte, and Baganian Point of Zamboanga Sibugay. The U in its call sign stands for Upi while P stands for Peace. The GENPeace Program, a network of organizations and individuals working toward a just and sustainable peace in the Philippines, initiated the establishment of DXUP while the local government of Upi provided the site, building, and the station’s 300-watt transmitter.

The establishment of DXUP in 2004 fulfilled a community’s dream for a tool to communicate peace and development as well as the perspectives and concerns of the most marginalized and underrepresented members of the community composed of Muslims, Teduray, and Christians. Prior to the establishment of DXUP, the local government of Upi paid for a 30-minute program that aired on Sundays over DXMS in Cotabato City. It was then the only means to inform community members of government programs and services apart from its VHF transceiver handheld radio.

DXUP is now also seen on DXUP Teleradyo via a local cable channel. Its programs include Suara, meaning peace; Kedat-adatan, from the Teduray word adat, which may mean a way of life, customs, or codes of conduct and responsibilities for interpersonal respect; Bantay Buhay (Life Guard), which discusses livelihood and agriculture, sociocultural development, gender advocacy, children’s rights and education; the newscasts DXUP Balita (DXUP News) and Bantay Bayan (Nation Watch); Talakayang Pambarangay (Barangay Talk), which reports on local government initiatives at the barangay level; and the musical programs Musikahan (Music Time), Salu-Salo Together (Getting Together) and Udto na Di! (It’s Noontime!).

Community volunteers run the station while volunteers trained under the GENPeace Project anchor the programs.

DXUP, one of the few surviving GENPeace community radios in Mindanao, received the 2007 Titus Brandsma Special Citation for Community Communication for its contribution to peace and interfaith dialogue, proving the importance of multi-stakeholder partnership and ownership for a community radio to survive and the strength of radio as a medium for peace communication and cross-cultural understanding.


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