Momentum Builder


Momentum Builder

Momentum Builder

One of the most underrated confidence-builder is momentum.

This is the time to take action.

When you feel like the momentum is on your side, keep going and don’t stop working! When it feels like everything you touch turns into gold, the keep on reaching!

This is not the time to stop and reflect. This is the time to take action.

Trust me, momentum can shift fast. So use it to your advantage.

Momentum seems to work not just in the physical aspect of the word, but also in our actions. Stuff like writing every day, selling your products, or winning sports games. Momentum is powerful and it can build your confidence fast. Just ride the wave and keep working.

Action Guide:

1 – Notice when you’re having a momentum in what you’re doing. Did you get a 4 game winning streak? Great, keep doing the same thing that helped you win 4 straight games. Don’t change strategy. Don’t overthink things and just follow the momentum.


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