1777 – Articles of Confederation Adopted


1777 – Articles of Confederation Adopted

1777 – Articles of Confederation Adopted

Articles of Confederation Adopted

After the Declaration of Independence was signed but before the war was over, the Second Continental Congress had another major task—to coordinate all thirteen colonies. As the members of the Congress had a great distrust of strong central government, they decided to proceed with a form of governance known as a confederation, a loose grouping of strong states that was overseen, but not controlled by, a central government. The purpose of this central government was to help mediate disputes between colonies, to negotiate with the rest of the world, and to equip, train, and command the army during the war with Britain. The Articles of Confederation put into place a government that, during the war, worked fairly effectively but in the aftermath was too weak to help the newly independent states work cohesively. This weakness eventually led to the creation of the Constitution of the United States.



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